“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring”


My name is Deepicca. This is probably one of the rarest names you’ll ever come across, since almost 99% of everyone whose name sounds like mine, has it spelled Deepika. Guess that makes me special? I’ll take that!

Moving on, I’m 24, a dental student, and first and foremost a human ofcourse! I was born in Sri Lanka, but my family and I had to leave the country because of the civil war that took over the once beautiful “Paradise on Earth” So, I ended up in Canada. Here I grew up, forgot to learn how to ride a bike, and of course fell in love with Drake. I then pursued my interest in dentistry  and desire to serve the poorest of the poor, in India,which I must say are still the best five years of my life. And now I am back in Toronto. Yipeeee!

I love working with kids. Their mind is a whole other world on it’s own. It’s filled with colours, shapes and rainbows, and it’s where the innocence of our species exists. I aspire to become a paediatric dentist one day, open my own office in the GTA with pink walls, and cover them with photographs of my best patients!

I love to dance, write, photograph, say my I love yous and miss yous and live each day like it’s my last.

I believe that the existence of humanity lies in the voices and words spoken to us.

So, be  ever so kind.


And be loved.

We are all responsible for each other.