Faith, Hope, Justice & Love

I wrote this in 3 minutes, so this is a rant.

I can’t help but spell out the words that rush through my mind every morning.

Every single time I read the news, see a post on Facebook, or read the paper.

Yes I do still read the paper.

So, I write it down, on a sticky note, on a piece of paper, and now here.

And these are the words.




and love.

Has it come to the point where our world is devoid of all this?

That people don’t inherit this trait from the generations before them?

Is this the kind of world, mothers who are trying so hard to conceive are planning to bring their child into?


What do we believe in? We supposedly believe in something called religion, but can we believe in humanity? We are all the same, exactly the same, made up of the same kind of cells, bones, tissues yet we remain so divided. For example, we surrender to discrimination based on the colour of our skin and complain. But don’t we do the same thing? No. Really. Tell me. Can you tell me that you don’t or haven’t judged a single person based on the colour of their skin after you’ve experienced it yourself. I don’t blame you. It’s not your fault.

So no humanity, but religion?



I don’t need to say it out aloud. Do we have hope? Hope for change? Hope for equality, hope for poverty eradication, hope to stop prostitution, hope to end terroism and hope to end hate? Tell me. I’ve searched in all the corners of my life. This is my Waldo.


I can almost laugh at this word. Laugh. It is invisible. From entering university to the dirty bastards walking on the streets free as a bird after destroying a young woman’s future to the law system that justifies the shooting of a black man because the MURDERER was a white cop.

Justice? Justice for the citizens of the so called America who blame their President but the core of cruelty lies in their own soul. Justice? Justice for the children who are abandoned because their parents are too young? Justice for whom? Justice for the acid attacks, justice for the suicide attempts, justice for the refugees, justice for the women who don’t have the right to abort a life they aren’t ready to bring into the world.


And lastly love. LOVE? 


Does anyone really remember how to love anymore?

Or do we know how to survive, benefit and get what we want.

We hate on each other, we try to bring each other down when one of us starts climbing the ladder a little faster then the rest of us and we laugh and pass comments when someone does something outside of what they normally do. Perhaps that is called competition. Human nature? I am not sure.

But is all this what we supposedly call love, support and “having your back?”

You don’t have to answer me. Ask these questions to yourself.

My mother always tells me that I live in the fantasy bubble. How can I tell her that my fantasy bubble is a much safer, kinder and a more loving place than the real world I was brought into. 


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