Spring is around the corner!

Hey beautiful,

Are you ready to give up your favourite cozy winter jacket? Almost? Well, here are a few styles you can try out this spring!

Throwing a blazer over anything can change a very funky outfit into something more classy, for sure!

img_9900img_2122Bell sleeves are really popular this spring! Don’t forget to pick up a few! Crops and off-shoulders are also always very stylish and great to add to your wardrobe! Style your favourite dresses, and skirts with your favourite pair of boots. It’s always great to try something out of your comfort zone!



img_0448img_1176img_0545Aso, you may want to add some color to your natural hair! Try a balayage maybe! I have it, and I must admit, it’s the best thing I’ve done with my hair! Oh!  Definitely try the sleek high bun this spring!

img_0736In terms of desi outfits, you may wanna go a little lighter for spring! Try whites, baby pinks and blues and maybe even a yellow! Add a pair of nice earrings, and you are ready to go!

Jewellery!! How can I forget! Find yourself a nice necklace with a cute pendant which says a lot about you. Mine is an detailed silver circle, which kinda symbolizes karma, the whole “what goes around comes around” – circle of life basically! Sometimes a plain statement piece is all you really need!




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