Family first.

Today is Family Day! Yup, well in Canada it is, and it also happens to be a national holiday! How great is that?

Oh wait! Not yet! But I hope it will be soon!

Anyways we all know that family is very important. And like Drake said, “keep family close” haha.

We are all bound to make mistakes; I mean we are only human. And it is these people who catch us when we fall flat on our faces! It is these people who will find the right words to heal our broken hearts. They go through the sadness with us. And come out of it at the same time. There is a difference between someone saying “I’ll be there by your side” and someone actually doing just that.

No one is obligated to do anything for us.

But family sees it as a responsibility.

Today is a day to remind all your special people of the place they hold in your heart, and a day to assure them that they will always have you by their side too.

Everyday is Family Day. But today is your chance to make it extra special for the people who have been by your side through all your storms.






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